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Technical Co-Founder

at YC Startup in New York, NY   —   Jun 30, 2014   |  
We're a YC possible startup looking for a technical co-founder.

Looking for a developer with exceptional technical ability and creativity (enough to apply to Y Combinator without an idea, however, such an application wouldn't be necessary).

The candidate should have experience in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, and AJAX, as well as familiarity with languages such as PHP and Ruby. Experience in successful web and mobile application development also needed.

We are very excited about the venture's prospects and the company would also like to have a technical co-founder with the technical ability to encourage VCs to invest with the venture (especially since the product would likely see high usage and need to be scalable).

If possible, persons applying for the position should also summarize the most interesting thing they have built, accomplished technically.

We would like to begin development of the demo immediately and interview with VCs shortly after a demo is available.
The technical co-founder position would be a very, very lucrative opportunity for a capable developer because there isn't any company involved in this area (the venture would create a new media feature) and the only other company that does something similar, in a different area, has raised significant investment and excitement among investors.

Also, Y Combinator may be an option for the company if the person selected for the position is interested. (If Y Combinator is an option the position would require a 3-month seminar stay at Y Combinator).
However, the venture (and idea) is compelling enough to find funding without Y Combinator.

The position requires someone able to develop the initial demo and launch product(we already have a "rough" way to accomplish the demo effectively, however, we'd like to provide a product that encourages investment and uptake immediately).

The technical co-founder would also assist in finding additional developers for the venture as necessary.
(The technical co-founder does not have to build the final launch product/software for customers necessarily).

Telecommuting is also an option until a demo and funding is ready, and the position could also be a side project for the technical co-founder until the demo is ready.

The company is very relaxed, social, and we are committed to bringing the product to market quickly and providing additional features thereafter. The position would be an exceptional opportunity for a talented developer that's looking to be a part of a start up that creates and introduces a mainstream product with tremendous usage.

Contact for complete details and
Thank you for applying!
Product Launch
Assist in Finding Skilled, Qualified Developers
Coordinate and Assist in Technical Projects as necessary
Highly Skilled coder/developer
has built own project/contributed to a such a project, if possible (although not necessary)
highly skilled, capable and creative developer adept at using several web application frameworks
web and mobile application development
Skills include:
Familiarity with languages such as PHP and Ruby
TBD (equity and salary)
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