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Technical Co-Founder

at Confidential in Pittsburgh, PA   —   Jul 23, 2014   |  
I am a seasoned entrepreneur (28 y.o. who has worked at four startups) looking to launch a very high-profile, market-leading web-based service (market is similar to LinkedIn in size and sector). My talents lie in marketing, multimedia design, team and project management, and sales… I am looking for a rockstar programmer (or two) to be the technical lead on this startup. The project will take several months of full-time dedication.

I’ll give you the bad news first, and good news second. Understand that the #1 trait I’m looking for in a programmer is startup experience or a startup mentality. If you’ve got it, then the bad news probably doesn’t look like anything new to you.

Bad News:
1. We won’t get funding from Angels/VCs until we have a consumer-facing product (i.e. beta release of the site), which means you don’t get paid until then. We’re all working for free until that point. If we get lucky and get funded before then, you’ll start getting paid, and I will do whatever I can to make sure the pay is rewarding and, if possible, retro-active.
2. Speed is one of the biggest factors in startup success, so the company will require your full-time dedication for several months until we get this thing launched. If you can’t dedicate this much of your time, don’t apply.

Good News:
1. You will be given a stake in the company as one of its co-founders. How much of the company you’ll own depends on how well you fit the technical co-founder role. The company has a huge upside with likely potential for a 9-figure acquisition down the road. Remember, it reaches the same sector that LinkedIn reaches (which is currently at 50M+ users worldwide), and will be the first to market with this service.
2. You will learn more about the business side of running a company from this experience than you learned in your entire college career. If you have plans to start your own business at some point, this will be a great experience for you.
3. I’ve learned enough in my past startups to know what makes a team work great together. That means no politics, no “do this because I said so”, etc. Your opinion is as valuable as anyone else’s as long as you have the expertise to back it up. You won’t find that luxury at a typical corporate job. If you can stomach the no-salary issue, you will really enjoy working with me.
4. The concept is awesome. Your friends and family will use it. And you’ll be able to say you were there from the beginning. I don’t know about you but that goes a long way for me.
Conceptualizing and implementing the site from a DB/programming standpoint (platform of your choosing)
Managing any hardware/software purchases, maintenance and issues
Being madly in love with the concept
Being highly skilled with a NERF gun, or, being comfortable getting hit with NERF bullets all day
Prior startup experience preferred. If you don't have it, convince me that you can embrace the startup attitude
At least one kick-ass project you can point to and say that you built it, and managed the overall operation
Just be really good at your programming platform of choice. Specific programming skills I'm seeking are in the areas of search/scoring algorithms and social network engineering.
At least some college, preferably in a CS discipline
You start out with equity - how much depends on how big a role you can play. Once we get funded, you will be paid as close to market average as possible (I fully intend to get enough funding to pay people what they're worth).
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