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Funding500K-1M USD
IndustrySaaS, Web 2.0, Music/Audio, Social Networking
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Seeking Scalability Expert (AWS, contract, remote)

at CitizenGroove in Cleveland, OH   —   Jun 23, 2014   |  

I'm Eric Neuman, CTO of CitizenGroove, and we're looking for someone with knowledge of scalability and amazon's cloud systems.

CitizenGroove is built on django on Amazon's ec2 and s3 systems. Additionally, it has a separate component built by Qube Lab that is capable of receiving messages from django about certain database objects, retrieving their respective files from s3, converting them to our configured specifications (mp3 or flv) and then updating the database object to reflect the new file.

Essentially, there are three things that need to be done for the new Audition app:

1) The converter to be modified to handle a new databse object type (mostly a copy/paste job),
2) The system needs to be aware of the length of the conversion queue and be able to spin up new ec2 instances, manage the queue across these instances, and shut down instances as they are no longer needed. This process is of course intended to reduce wait time in the queue, but also needs to operate under some maximums (obviously we wouldn't be able to afford even 1 minute of 10,000 instances running)
3) Some sort of testing mechanism should be devised to ensure that the aforementioned systems are functioning correctly.

We are looking for someone who would be able to deliver these things before August 1st and meet certain benchmarks along the way.

--Eric Neuman
Proven expertise managing Amazon Web Services environments
Systems Administration
Cloud Computing Administration
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