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Funding1M-5M CAD
Salary60-80/YR CAD
IndustrySaaS, Mobile, Software, Consumer
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Insanely smart web developer

at Top Hat Monocle in Canada   —   Jul 23, 2014   |  
Does doin’ your thing in Django take you to your happy place? Does coding in Python feel better than Christmas morning? Does programming in JavaScript bring you more satisfaction than rainbows and puppies combined? Read on, you Maniac Hack. Read on.

If you’ve been to university, you understand the nut Top Hat Monocle is trying to crack. Your professor starts to talk, and you really do have every intention of listening. But within about five minutes, your good intentions fly out the window and you begin to surf Facebook, catch some Zz’s, or if you’re feeling really ambitious start working on a problem set for a completely unrelated class. When you join our team, you’ll be working on classroom interaction software and help higher education find its mojo!

Your work will touch tens of thousands of paying customers (60,000 and growing every day). Plus, you’ll get to ship code on a weekly basis. We only officially launched a little over a year ago, but we’re already profitable and are growing like crazy! Lucky for you, we’re small but mighty. That means you get to touch everything—front-end, back-end, database code—whatever your little hacker heart desires! And what’s more? Everything you touch will be yours. Well, kind of. We follow the “Facebook approach,” meaning we give developers complete ownership of features.

The Fabulous Life of the Top Hat Monocle Developer comes with other sweet perks too. Every fifth week is hack-week, where you and your fellow developers get to spend a week working on pet projects. There’s also lots of free deliciousness. What’s up catered breakfast and unlimited snacks and drinks? Oh, and did we mention Call of Duty throw-downs at lunch?

So what do you need in order to join the already-brilliant Top Hat Monocle team?

1. At least a few years of web development experience under your belt.

2. Be able to put together robust, maintainable systems. Hacking together code for one-off projects isn't going to cut it in this shop.

3. Degree in a technical field is preferred, but not essential.

4. Be super smart and a quick learner (but we didn't have to tell you that). Ideally, you’re really comfortable working in HTLM/CSS, Javascript, and a few server side scripting languages, preferably on the client-side (with bonus points for Node.js). That said, we know that a good developer only needs a few months to pick up a new language and framework. So even if you’ve only worked with PHP in the past, if you’re a rapid-fire learner and a go-getter, we’d still love to talk to you!

You'd be joining us in our sweet (we're talkin sweeter than maple syrup) new office digs in Toronto!
A degree in a technical field is an assess but is not essential
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