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Funding1M-5M USD
IndustrySaaS, Mobile, Software, Music/Audio
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at Gobbler in Los Angeles, CA   —   Jun 29, 2014   |  
Gobbler is looking for someone special.

We are a media storage company on the internet looking for our next all star. You may or may not already have the experience we are looking for but you do have the passion to achieve success. You are possibly a student, unemployed, or at a dead end job you don't like. Maybe none of the above, but we are not going to pay you a top salary to leave your current "gig". What we will do is provide you with the tools and team to become a top engineer. We will try our best to help you reach your future goals in both your career and life. We need a few things out of you as well. We need you to be a self starter, someone who can lead himself and potentially others. We want you to be enthusiastic about what you do, both here and in life. You have to be smart, and not in the booksmart way. Maybe more in the hacker way, but let's not limit it to just that.

We do not have a list of requirements for you to apply for this role and everything we could recommend about achieving success in this role has been mentioned above. We can list a few potential perks of working with us.

Direct experience from a team of engineers that might make you cry in your interview but do not be intimidated
The opportunity to hang out with amazing people while learning more about starting a business in todays world
Real world experience that you can put on your resume to continue your career for years to come(remember, passion!)
Learn about iOS, Android and trending web technologies like AWS, Ruby on Rails, node.js
A family to grow with for the next couple of years

If this sounds like something that you can be a part of, I encourage you to learn more about Gobbler as well as apply now. Do not hesitate, we are waiting for you.
Working hands on in the development process
Being accountable for work given
Having the ability to excel at something you may have never done before
Knowledge of computers and how to work with them
AWS technologies like EC2 and S3
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