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Funding1M-5M USD
IndustrySaaS, Database, Enterprise, Infrastructure
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Business Development

Director of Technical Marketing

at Precog in Boulder, CO   —   Jun 30, 2014   |  
Precog is looking for a talented and ambitious individual to lead all technical marketing for Precog in the USA.

We're a small but fast-growing company vying to power the next-generation of intelligent, data-driven applications across web and mobile. We rely entirely on marketing for all sales and brand recognition and consider this position to be one of the most critical roles at our company.
Content Development: Using a data-driven process (including A/B testing, developer interviews, web analytics), systematically develop and refine content for all Precog marketing channels, including Precog websites, newsletters, and promotional materials, to achieve specific metrics-driven goals.
Funnel Optimization: Using a data-driven process, identify, create, measure, and optimize all funnels leading to customer acquisition and retention.
Marketing: Using a data-driven process, raise awareness of the Precog solution to multiple target audiences (developers, product managers, etc.), utilizing a variety of channels, including webinars, blogs, sponsorships, competitions, conferences, meetups, press releases, advertising, and partnerships. Develop processes to measure ROI and iterate to achieve optimal results.
Community Events and Trade Shows: Identify and secure speaking and sponsorship opportunities. Collaborate with the technical team to participate in community events. Develop processes to measure ROI and iterate to achieve optimal results.
Community Programs: Support leaders and contributors in the Precog community. Encourage them to talk, write and promote their experiences with Precog, and measure the resulting impact to optimize future community program support.
You are independent, responsible, and self-motivated, and you thrive without a lot of structure or guidance. We want someone who takes initiative, self-optimizes, and is insanely productive.
You can be trusted to do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether that's devising clever new ways to measure results, developing strategies to improve customer acquisition and conversion, or ordering pizza for a meetup.
You are passionate about Precog technology and enjoy working with developer communities.
You're data-driven, able to set concrete goals, devise actionable plans to achieve those goals, and then measure and report on results so you can iterate on the entire process.
You are willing to travel. You will attend local, regional and national events. You should expect to be on the road multiple times per month, sometimes on weekends (but with comp time).
BA or equivalent; 5 - 10 years of marketing experience
Interest in technology, startup culture, marketing, and community development
Ability to collaborate and develop positive business relationships with all cross-functional areas within Precog and the Precog developer community
Excited to join a small but growing team of 9 people
Willing to take on a wide variety of responsibilities (no task is too big or too small)
Experience planning events
Exceptional organizational and project management skills
Understanding of marketing (HubSpot, Optimizely) and advertising (Goodle AdWords) tools a plus
Programming or open source experience a big plus
Travel up to 25% of the time across USA
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