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DevOps Hacker for Computer Vision Startup

at StopLift, Inc in Cambridge, MA   —   Jul 04, 2014   |  
We're a small, fully funded computer vision and web startup working on a fantastic product and we're looking to hire a smart, talented, enthusiastic individual to help us maintain our ever-growing network of analysis systems, workstations, servers, routers, and other networking gear. This position will be half IT/network admin, half QA, and half scripting/automation work.

Some of the duties will include:
Maintaining postgres and mysql databases. Fixing things. Doing dumps/restores. Doing benchmarking and performance tuning.
Maintaining Amazon instances and associated assets.
Remote management and administration of analysis systems, PCs, and workstations. System health checks, running diagnostics, and fixing issues.
Maintaining the bug tracker and ensuring our issue database is kept up to date.
Working with our clients to diagnose and fix data feed and connectivity issues on their end.
Creating and maintaining VPN connections.

No experience is necessary.All that is required is some native talent, and a good dose of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn a lot of cool tech. So, while formal job experience is not a requirement, a keen interest in all things electronic is. For example, if any of the following describes you, we would like to hear from you!

You are the default contact for any (and all!) computer issues. And, on house calls, you've resorted to simply changing the internet explorer link to Chrome without telling them.
The first thing you do when you get a new Windows box is disable UAC.
Your are perfectly comfortable in front of a command prompt.
You have four PCs at home, all in various states of disassembly, and none with their cases on.
You built a NAS for your home using an old PC and freeNAS. You rooted your android phone to get rid of crapware.

One last thing. We know you're talented. We know that your resume will show that you have a great GPA and lots of technical savvy. We are looking for people with talent, drive, and determination, stuff not easily conveyed in a resume. That is why we ask, in addition to a resume, that you please include a personalized cover letter describing why you are the perfect candidate for this position. Use the cover letter as your chance to rise above your competition and stand out as a truly exceptional applicant!

About StopLift
StopLift Vision Systems develops bleeding-edge video recognition software to automatically detect theft from CCTV security surveillance video for retail chains. Major retail chains are already using StopLift's systems to successfully detect theft on a daily basis. Founding team from MIT & Harvard Business School. StopLift is located on the Red Line (Alewife Stop) in Cambridge, MA. Plentiful parking is also available
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