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FundingLess than 250K USD
IndustryWeb 2.0, Consumer, Cleantech, E-commerce, Social Networking
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Co-Founder/Lead Developer

at Bivi in Cambridge, MA   —   Jul 08, 2014   |  

Do you enjoy riding your mountain bike? How about rock climbing? Perhaps carving up the slopes or some waves. We are launching a dynamic new start-up that will keep you locked to desk completely unable to do those things --but will help others enjoy themselves on the slopes, in the forest and on the ocean.

Bivi is our working name and we aim to create a place for people who have an active outdoor lifestyle. We are looking at a new model that will empower smaller an independent makers of bikes, kayaks, climbing gear, etc to sell their wears as well as let folks sell and swap out their equipment. And will also let the community help better develop and share in the great outdoors.

I am advising this effort and its experienced people with a passion for surfing, cycling, climbing and all things outdoors. We are looking for someone that is fun to work with, creative, and all joking aside- wants to spend time in the outdoors. The role were looking for is co-founder and lead developer. Experience with social networking and transactional sites is a must. A keen business mind and ability to argue nicely is appreciated.

After years of working on companies for a check, we wanted to start something that would do something we really loved and enjoyed. Help us build it. Its fine to work on this pt or after hours for now, but we want someone ready to commit for the long haul should we hit our milestones.

Ideally, we want someone in Boston/NYC, but we are keeping an open mind and could conceive of having the programming team in the Bay area, Denver/Boulder, Austin or perhaps elsewhere. Please send over a resume/cv/wikipedia link/etc to get this process started. mark -AT- 349Q -DOT-com
Lead alpha programming efforts and eventually build out the programming team and site services and functions.
Ideally we are looking for a very experienced person with a background in transactional sites (ecom, auctions, appropriate security privacy, etc) and social networking that wants to be part of building something great. This system needs to be a robust, pretty much crash proof system, so the individual needs to have the skills across a host of programming languages.
Knowledge of how an early stage start-up works --and a tolerance for what comes with it, is essential.
This isn't going to be, but we are looking at a new take on the outdoor experience and retail space. Someone with a real passion that can work on something that they love every day and still --eventually -- make a good living.
Ideally the person we are looking for is currently unemployed or is looking to make the leap. Part-time initially is just fine, but as things develop and funding starts coming in, the person has to be willing to leap and come on board full time.
Programming God/Goddess
Work hard
Play hard
Management chops
Ability to either ski, snowboard, surf, mountain bike, rock climb or some other outdoor activity
College degree at a minimum. MBA would be nice but not necessary.
You will be a co-founder , so you will start-off with a major piece of the company and be a 1/3 partner in all the decision making.

As far as salary, we are currently deferring pay until we launch or take on outside investment (no pun intended). Again, that's why a part-timer is fine.

Once we are rolling, just like any start-up the pay and hours stink --but do get much better over time and that equity thing rocks.
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