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C# Developer Summer Intern

at Job Alchemist in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 27, 2014   |  
It's Ben! This is where great software comes from.Loc's a better designer than you are ;)Does Luke actually do anything? Questionable.
Hackers: Intern for the Summer, Get Paid for a Year.

What?? Yep, you read that right. Here's how it will work:

We have a pretty fat pipeline of revenue-producing projects that we don't have the bandwidth to get to yet. We want you to come work with us, and rather than being paid an hourly intern wage or stipend, you'll get a share in the revenue of everything you help build.

We're looking to bring on 1-3 dev interns for the summer. Our projects will focus on two main areas:

(1) Use our existing job board platform (which powers sites like Startuply, Homeby3, and some others in the works) to easily launch new white label and standalone sites and monetize existing properties, and

(2) Work on some harder problems with JobSyndicate, our job affiliate network.

We have plenty of opportunities, but we also want you to envision and implement new ones - especially as you get to know our business.

For every project you work on, we will put 10% of all revenues it earns from whenever you start through August 31st, 2010 in the "intern pool," to be split evenly among up to 3 of you, payable monthly.

Toss up a new white label, pay-per-post job board? 10%. Launch a new standalone job site for biotech jobs or pool sharks or arugula farmers? 10% of that, too. Build user accounts and a paid resume database for Startuply, or a new lead gen form for JobSyndicate? 10%. You get the idea.

We'll provide office space, and *maybe* a (small) monthly stipend. The rest of it you get to earn. Come work with a Y Combinator-backed startup, learn about building a business, and get paid for a year. We'll have fun, build cool stuff, make money and learn a ton.

Important: You have to be able to get yourself to San Francisco for the summer (and are authorized to work in the US - we can't help with moving or immigration).
Are an amazing hacker with great work under your belt.
Have great references.
Will work in C# and Javascript for the summer. Yeah, we use windows software, deal with it. If you don't know C#, go learn it. PHP skills would be nice, too.
Love getting shit done.
Love learning.
Love startups.
Are easy to get along with.
Are fine working in the office somewhere between 3-7 days/week. Your hours are your own; if you want to make more, work more (or better or faster).
Are probably a college CS student, likely at a very good school.
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