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Funding5M-10M USD
IndustryHCI, Software
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C++ Developer - Computer Vision

at Organic Motion in New York, NY   —   Jul 14, 2014   |  
We are a computer vision software company committed to developing algorithms to enable computers to see and understand the human body without attaching devices.

We partner with 3rd party application providers to build next generation products in fields ranging from motion capture to next generation natural human computer interfaces (HCI).

These are very exciting times. The marketplace is buzzing with news about gesture driven TV control and body controlled gaming interfaces. We believe this is only the beginning of a major shift. We believe next generation interfaces will create massive changes in the way we interact not only with computers but also with each other.

Today we are developing solutions for a professional market which requires precision beyond gesture recognition. Systems that require real-time responses measured in hundreds of frames per second and cover large areas with many subjects.
We are seeking C++ developers who have an in depth knowledge of the language, love to code, are result oriented and can quickly turn ideas into high quality, maintainable code. Responsibilities for this position include creating, maintaining, and expanding realtime libraries such as networking/3D graphics/image processing etc.
This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic team with potential for rapid growth and access to a great deal of compelling technological resources. We are looking for individuals with fresh ideas and the skills to put those ideas to the test. This is a unique opportunity to have a major impact on a growing company!
If you are an excellent candidate, then please reply with your resume in Word or PDF format. Code samples welcome.
Candidates should have at least 5+ years of experience in a professional development setting with a Bachelors or Masters in a related field (CS/CE/EE)
Required skills:
Advanced C++ (stl, locking/lockfree techniques, templates, patterns, optimization, debugging, boost)
GPU/CPU interactions
Multi-threading / multi-process programming
Networking - sockets, RPC, streams, low latency hardware
Knowledge of operating systems
Solid mathematical background
Distributed systems
Massively-Parallel programming (GPGPU)
3D computer graphics programming (CUDA, OpenCL, DirectCompute, DirectX, OpenGL, Shaders, HLSL, GPU)
Computer vision / image processing / signal processing
Agile (SCRUM) development process
Production Environment (Unit testing, regression testing, product packaging)
Bachelors or Masters in a related field (CS/CE/EE)
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