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Assignment Editor Internship

at Toonari News & Media in Shhhh...   —   Jul 23, 2014   |  
Toonari Post Assignment Editors are the air traffic controllers of a newsroom. They monitor scanners, manage news crews, make beat checks and generate stories. There is no glamour, no face time. But without them, our newsrooms would certainly stumble.
This assignment editor works under the Assignment Manager and handles all desk duties including developing original stories, writing up the am meeting list, handling breaking news, digging for sources and contacts, creating strong, positive relationships inside the newsroom, outside the newsroom and with the public. The perfect candidate will assist the morning producer and associate producer across all platforms as well as anchors, reporters and crews. This Assignment Editor will search for the latest news stories to broadcast as well as post online, Twitter and Facebook.
If a major story develops – such as a disaster or economic development – an assignment editor may enlist several reporters (in addition to whoever usually covers that beat) to cover various angles of a story. For instance, if the story is about a plant closing, one reporter may be asked to do the main story about the closing, while other reporters may be asked to do stories on such things as employee reaction, reaction from business and community leaders, a history of the plant (and other plant closings, if appropriate), etc.
You will supervise strong news team, make all assignments as well as constantly update stories and find breaking stories for the producer. This assignment editor creates the news day, sets the tone and is a major player to bring the best to our on air and social media presence.
• Residents and Citizens from all countries and Regions are welcome to apply
• Internship is virtual
• Internet Connection, Computer, Headphones/Microphone and/or Webcam is required
• Strong interest in and understanding of local, national and international affairs
• Producing and copy editing experience helpful
• Excellent leadership skills
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