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NonLinear Objects
Funding: Less than 250K (USD) Funding Type: Self
Employees: 2 Revenue: Less than 250K (USD)

The NonLinear Objects Mission

We want to change how the world expresses, collaborates, contributes, converses, and interacts by creating a revolutionary and powerful digital platform (and engine) designed for everyone that inspires the most meaningful interactions between us.

We want to be the next generation platform that goes well beyond just being a passive tool. With the dynamic that’s built-in, we want to strengthen relationships and actually bring the world closer together.

We are all about object intelligence and entanglement for the intellectual bunch.

Our Products

We have a comprehensive vision for NonLinear Objects that fully integrates online with offline as well as end-to-end. We are a technology company first however, focused on the creation of a new digital platform and engine to power others (a SaaS subscription model) – for content creation, publishing, multidimensional storytelling, and group interaction and collaboration of all kinds. It’s a heady, very intelligent vision that glues all kinds of technologies together with enormous business potential across a multitude of B2C and B2B verticals. Our initial working prototype is powerful and demonstrated thru two consumer-facing applications – Group Greets and Our Family Lives. Confidently, we are a new paradigm and something that the world hasn’t seen yet. In our careers, we’ve always been well ahead of the curve in our roles and you’d have to actually be “us” to understand our full vision. And rest assured, we fully understand the IP to protect it.

Our Team

NonLinear Objects is founded by two gray hair misfits (aka “old guys”) who moved to SF to jump back into the world of startups. One is a technologist who's worked across every kind of digital platform and built global teams of developers and engineers and the other is a marketer/creative director who's led the advertising, marketing, and complicated cross-functional teams agency-side for several well-known consumer brands with direct P&L responsibility in excess of $250M+. We’ve both self-funded our own previous startups so know our strengths and weaknesses very well. We’ve worked across all kinds of verticals so know how to connect dots and analogies in all kinds of unique ways.

And our intangibles? We're known for our vision, strong work ethic, integrity, and being good human beings.

Life at NonLinear Objects

While we don’t have physical office space and we work well virtually (our dev team is in Chicago), our common characteristics define the culture of our company and inevitable physical environment.

We are long-form thinkers who also work at the pace of a quick startup. We’re not surgically attached to our smartphones and know how focus with great intent. Efficiency and effectiveness accurately describe our results since the need to reiterate to resolve errors constantly.

The things we share and look for in others include – constant curiosity, substance over style, collaborative (which includes active listening), have fun (life is too short), maturity, and a damn good human being.

If you’re looking for Ping-Pong tables or nightly beer busts in our offices, you’ll be extremely disappointed.

NonLinear Objects Locations

Name Address Employees
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA 2
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