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Plura Processing
Funding: 1M - 5M (USD) Funding Type: Venture Capital
Employees: 5 Revenue: Shhhh...

The Plura Processing Mission

Plura Processing is developing the world’s largest distributed computing network.

Our patent-pending technology enables computers all over the world to quickly and efficiently contribute to fascinating computing problems. Our distribution model allows for incredible reach that gives our customers more computing power than ever before.

Our Products

We are developing a web-based distributed computing system. We work with makers of online content and applications to integrate our technology in their work so that their users become nodes in our network. This is cool for several reasons:

1. The online content/application owners get an additional revenue stream from us.
2. They pass on that value to their users to make their products better.
3. Our customers benefit from incredibly cheap and powerful computing, helping them solve important problems like eliminating stock market inefficiency, modeling proteins, and driving down the cost of oil.

Our Team

Our team is made up of incredibly bright and self-motivated individuals. We love what we do. It's hard not to when you're developing completely new technology that's going to change the very nature of high-performance computing. Every one on our team has a deep knowledge of application, algorithm and business design.

Life at Plura Processing

Everyone on the team is part of one family. Our office is mostly one big open room with giant monitors everywhere. We have a game room where we play Wii Tennis, Guitar Hero, and Halo. The guys in charge wear shorts and sandals to work. That said.. we are very dedicated to what we do. It's not uncommon for us to be sending emails, coding, and following leads at 1 am on a weekend.

Plura Processing Locations

Name Address Employees
Headquarters 1250 Wood Brank Park Dr. Ste. #405, Houston, TX 5
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