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Database, SaaS, Web 2.0

Funding: Less than 250K (EUR) Funding Type: Self
Employees: 4 Revenue: Shhhh...


1 What are the problems we solve and what is the opportunity?
Data growth, more and more applications and databases, poor data quality, the need of data mastering, complexity of the existing projects (ETL, EAI, MDM, etc), uncovered tactical needs, no 360° view, little visible data for other applications and external users.

Some examples:
relationship marketing: the data concerning prospects and customers are spread over multiple applications, not to mention the various Excel files maintained by hand in small companies. In this context, the efficiency of a marketing operation rely heavily on the ability of the company to merge the data and increase its quality (cleansing);
industry: the production of a multilinguaagilel products catalog need to gather the product data scattered throughout the company, its subcontractors and suppliers;
services: various departments of a business school have complementary data concerning the local businesses without a 360° view: pay taxes, present

Our Products

1. Load bulk data from your Excel spreadsheets or applications like CRM, PLM or specific development, etc.

2. The Podbox cleans your data using your business knowledge and appropriate repositories: the data are then compiled, linked and merged (data mix).

3. On, you finally have a clear and complete view on your data. You can access it from anywhere, including from an iPad, an iPhone or an Android.

4. You can share the data with colleagues or clients, partners... and with local and cloud applications using the APIs (example: sending SMS or e-mailing, BI or data visualization tools, etc.).

You will also gain security: the flows are encrypted, the data is saved and even historized: if mishandled, you can always restore a previous version.

And the most important: it is very easy. The Podbox is accessible to ordinary people. No need to be an IT professional.

Our Team

CEO, Sales: Antoine is an experienced entrepreneur and a business angel. He has great hopes for pod: make the podbox the leading place in the world where you can share any data with people and apps. He has always been the best salesman of every owned companies and has proven his capability to build profitable businesses.

CTO, co-founder: Dominique is the pod technology inventor. He has more than 10 years of experience in web technologies and information system development (connecting hundreds of information systems). Pod is the fruit of his research to gain quality and flexibility: pod structures the data in a very different way!

R&D: internalized and challenging the most valuable teams worldwide in software designing and productivity.
Michel: more than 10 years experience in building web information systems for corporate customers, involved in the Java community (member of the local JUG), winner of a an open data best application contest with his excellent Go2Rennes app for


We are relocating, Q4 2012, in a 18th century style Castle, Rennes Area, French Britany, in a huge open space inspired by the San Francisco Rocket Space, neighbouring with other Web company, sharing skills and ideas and....FUN
Our office is overseeing a river and a 24 000 Square Yards


Name Address Employees
Headquarters FRANCE / Rennes Area 4
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