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Outbrain   —  
Funding: 5M - 10M (USD) Funding Type: Venture Capital
Employees: Shhhh... Revenue: Shhhh...

The Outbrain Mission

We all love how Netflix recommends movies and how Amazon gives us great recommendations for books we would enjoy reading right? Here at outbrain we are doing the same for blog and news content on the web. Information overload is real and growing as the amount of content on the web grows exponentially. We are committed to helping readers of blogs and news sites find the best content that is most relevant to them on a personal basis.

This is very different than the commonly seen "related links" where everyone sees the same suggestions. Of course driving page views and new traffic to blogs and publisher sites are the so called benefits, but helping readers discover hidden gems is what drives us every day. Being bloggers ourselves we know the feeling of discovering great content and want to share this wonderful pleasure with the world.

Our Products

By combining the collective intelligence of like-minded RSS/blog and news readers, we aim to save each outbrainer time by floating the content they would find most interesting. We don't see a need for you to read something that 100 people like you thought was a waste of time.

Our aim is to do this in an almost transparent way, in the places you're already consuming content, and without bugging you too much. Unlike most websites that want *more* of your attention, we're hoping that by using outbrain we'll be consuming net *less* of your attention.

We invite bloggers to install our one click widget and for publishers, rss readers and other news aggregators to contact us regarding easy integration of our rating and content recommendation service via an XML API.

Our Team

Outbrain is a small startup tackling big problems. Our goal is to build great products by cherry-picking great people, not by bloating our team.

We started outbrain with the goal of developing the world's best platform for discovery of high-quality, personalized content. If you think of search engines like Google as a platform for finding stuff you know you're looking for, you can think of outbrain as a platform for stuff you didn't even know existed. We strongly believe that "Discovery Engines" are going to be as important in the future as search engines are today.

Life at Outbrain

A few more interesting facts about outbrain:

* We're big fans of Joel Spolsky, 37signals, Seth Godin and Dilbert.
* We believe in releasing fast and early. We hate long dev cycles and huge bloated software.
* We're a Java shop. Our apps run on Linux, Tomcat and MySQL. For the front end we use Velocity, JSF and Struts.
* We don't think that better software is developed late on Saturday night, or late *any* night for that matter.
* We love yachting (well - some of us at least... ;-)

...and here are a few tips on what we're *not* looking for:

* Someone who feels there are tasks that are not worthy of him.
* Someone who gives up on technical challenges.
* One that will not find time to use the product and love to read blogs.
* Someone who's better with excuses than they are with getting things done.

Outbrain Locations

Name Address Employees
Headquarters נתניה, Israel Shhhh...
New York Office 41 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003, USA Shhhh...
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