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Cleverling   —  
Funding: Less than 250K (USD) Funding Type: Self
Employees: 2 Revenue: Less than 250K (USD)

The Cleverling Mission

Developing healthy financial habits and attitudes for children by teaching them how to spend, save, invest, and share.

Our Products

Understanding how to prioritize and spend money can become a powerful part of a child's self-worth and perception. With Cleverling’s virtual mall, children practice making thoughtful purchases based on a balance of desire, need, and affordability with parental stewardship as needed.

Learning how to set goals and save has big implications for future personal success. Cleverling's online savings accounts operate just like old-fashion savings accounts. There is never a minimum balance requirement and deposits are fully FDIC insured.

Cleverling's investment partnerships offer both real and simulated accounts where children can learn about investing in a risk controlled environment. Invest that birthday gift of $100 and see the value grow over the child's lifetime.

Through our charitable partners, children can learn about sharing their good fortune with others. Empowering children to give to causes they care about can have life-long impact.

Our Team

Andre and Beverly met in 2005 at river rafting guide school. During training, they were thrown into and (luckily) rescued from rapids appropriately called, “Meat Grinder, Widow Maker, and Satan's Cesspool.” Through these wild experiences, the two developed a strong relationship based on trust, collaboration, and communication.

After college, Andre came across a Yahoo! Personal Finance article that touted the importance of teaching children the four uses of money – spending, saving, investing, and sharing. The columnist’s message resonated with Andre. Soon after, Beverly came to Andre as she struggled to find meaningful gifts for her friends' children. Together, they realized that they had found a common concern. This conversation sowed the seeds of Cleverling and a commitment to helping children develop a life time of healthy financial habits and attitudes.

Life at Cleverling

Andre is in New York and Beverly is in the SF Bay Area. Ideally, you're geographically close to one of us. However, we've had an exceptionally good experience work on opposite coast. We're definitely open any and all locations. You can even work in your pj's!

Cleverling Locations

Name Address Employees
Headquarters New York, NY, USA 2
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