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The Startup Profile

Each company creates a profile to give job seekers a look at life on the inside. They include as much or as little detail as they like (we have stealth options for all the secretive types) upload pictures, and much more.

Have more than one office?

Great. Your company profile can feature as many branches as you've got. When you post a job, just choose which office it'll be in!

Job Descriptions

Profile information is automatically integrated with each job (pic of top of job description, showing profile integration)

Comments from the team: comments help humanize the job, as well as create greater depth and context.

Post a job once. Yep, just once. Every 30 days, each job will automatically repost itself.

Resume Management

All of your job applicants are stored in your Startuply account, and you can easily adjust your settings to have full resume and cover letter sent to you, receive just a simple notification, or get no email at all. We're trying to make this as easy and helpful as possible.

The User Experience

We've tried to make Startuply itself as cool and fun as possible. Almost everything is clickable, searchable, and sortable. We've included the digital tools that tech savvy startup-types have come to expect, including

  • Advanced search options
  • RSS feeds(both general and for specific searches)
  • social bookmarking and email
  • Maps

We've tried to build a great way for you to sell yourself to job seekers. In a startup, every person matters in a way that big companies just don't have to deal with. Sure, you need the best and the brightest – but that's just the beginning. In small companies, fit is everything. Welcome to Startuply.

Have any questions or comments? Please drop us a  . Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at Startuply!

The Startuply Team

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